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Prices in effect as of January 2014. Due to the ever increasing price of Gas and petroleum products, like LEGO, I am making a few small price increases.  I am working on gas-free ways to transport LEGO for parties, to save more precious black gold for making LEGO.  Unfortunately, LEGO is heavy and this is big challenge.

In addition to the party price, there is a travel fee, dependant on your location. Please add your party price to the travel fee to determine your total.

Travel Fees
To calculate the Travel Fee, use a map to measure the distance between Hastings and Nanaimo and your home. or another service should provide you with a distance in Km.
The Fee is $2 per Km.  For example, Hastings and Nanaimo to Lynn valley Centre is 8.5 Km, so the Travel Fee would be $17.

Basic Packages

Standard Party Package $125 ($135 for StarWars)

One hour of play time for up to 10 children including:

-Building area with lots of bricks

-An electric train for children to conduct

-Themed play area of your choice

-My involvement as a building and play supporter (not as a general supervisor)

Big Party Pack $175 ($185 for StarWars)

1.5 hours play time with all the standard stuff and:

-Up to 15 kids

-2 LEGO themes

Common Additions to a Party

Additional children, $10 per child. 

Extended play time, $20 per 30 minutes (cost can be relatively higher for more than 10 children).

Additional Theme, $10 for simple ad-ons or $20 for full additional theme ($30 for StarWars).

All prices are subject to change. Your price is set at the current rate at the time that you make your booking. In addition to the basic pricing structure, there is lots of room to creature something different that will custom fit your needs.  Please ask if you would like to invent something different.

Forms of payment

I will accept up to 50% payment in SeedStock for all parties. Why SeedStock? Because it's not debt-based currency, well explained by here.

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