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Time Lines

In most cases, the LEGO aspect of a party is usually 1 to 2 hours, depending on the age of the kids and the rest of the party plan. For children roughly 5 to 7 years old, 1 hour is usually just right. For children 7 to 10, a longer party up to 2 hours might make sense. Of course, there are lots of 5-year-old out there who love LEGO and have the attention to play for 2 hours, but it's rare to have a whole group of these kids in one party.

Set-up Time

Set-up takes me about 30 minutes and Clean up takes about 45-60 minutes. I will arrive 30-40 minutes before the party start time to set up. During this time, it's hard for me to set up with a lot of kids around the space, but it's fine to have 1-3 kids around if they want to be helpers (and who wouldn't).


It's generally best to start the party with the LEGO, then move into other activities, food and presents. Having a warm up activity before the LEGO portion of the party can be a good idea if you don't trust that your guest will arrive on time for the LEGO, but this can make set up very difficult for me if the kids are all near the LEGO space. When the party ends, getting kids away from the LEGO can be tricky. Bringing out the food and cake after the building provides a great distraction for me to pack up.

Ages and groupings of children

Generally the minimum age that children will appreciate a LEGO party is 5 or 6 years old. Children any younger often do not have the attention span for it. With highly active 5 years old, it might not work, since they are not likely to leave their energy behind, unless they really love LEGO.  Mixing ages is great so no worries about getting the siblings involved.

The maximum age for a party is around 10 years old, but really this is an imagined barrier. Adult LEGO parties are entirely possible and even the right group of teenagers might enjoy a party, though the usual themes that I use will not work for people much older than 10.

Number of Kids

My basic party price is for 10 kids because this is likely the perfect number. With a group of ten, the energy in the room will usually stay small enough that I can take time to connect with many of the kids and focus some attention on more complex builds or activities. With 15 kids, things can start to get a bit crazy, though this depends on the size of your space and largely on the kids. 20 kids is the maximum and doing a party this big requires a fairly large space.

Loot Bags

I sometimes have the opportunity to buy small sets in bulk, fairly cheap. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see what I have in stock.

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