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If you are not near Vancouver Canada, I likely will not be able to help you.

My site is suppsed to be listed as local search results only, but more and more people around North America have recently started finding me, so Google might have forgotten where I live.

For local results, I suggest checking out's LEGO User Group map, which has a list of all the adult clubs in North America.  If you get hold of a local group, you can ask them if someone does parties. 
Second Option: there is a company called Bricks4Kidz that has franchises all over the North America.  I have never attended there parties and I do not make any claim to the quality of their work.  They also do a lot of classroom work and they seem reputable, but I am not sure.
Third option: The LEGOŽ site also has a DIY page  for those who want to put on their own party.  Really, you can't go wrong with LEGO, as long as you have enough of it that the kids won't need to fight for the interesting pieces.

Good luck with your party!
Happy Building,

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