Party Set-Up

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Easy car access is preferred and a 'load in' fee may apply if there is more than 100 feet of distance or 15 feet of height between parking and the party space. I will be bringing large heavy cases of LEGO, so a clear path is helpful.


Parties usually take place in a family home. Almost any living-room or rec-room will work. Hardwood and other smooth floors are ideal; short haired carpets are second; long haired are worst (though still usable). Parties can be arranged in co-op rooms and other non-home locations so long as the room is fairly small and has a "quiet play feel".

Larger Rental Rooms like halls or community centres do not work well. Any space that is big enough to run in will generally set the energy level too high for a LEGO party so it’s best to avoid rented spaces if at all possible. Children also treat people's homes and anything in them much better than public spaces. Being in a rented space takes away the set of expectations that kids have when entering someones home. Doing a party in a public space can lead to a lot of lost and damaged (broken) LEGO. Please be prepared to cover $10-50 in damage at a large rental space.

Setting the Space

Coffee tables and other low surfaces are great but not needed. Dinner tables are not useful and best moved to the side or out of the room. A party with 10 children will need at least 100 square feet of floor space. If you are adding 5 kids, add roughly another 50 Square feet of space. This space can be spread into more than one room but it's not ideal.

Please ensure that these is no other LEGO® in the space. If there is, It might get packed into my bins.


Mixing LEGO and food usually turns into a really big mess for me. If you are serving Food during the LEGO portion of the party, please do so away from the LEGO. I will mention this to the kids at the start of the party regardless.

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